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Chaozhou DCH Chevrolet Hekang Store

Dealer Address:Dongwuguan dome, Wuyang Village, Chaoyang Road, Chaoyang Town, Chaoan District, Chaozhou City
Sales Hotline:0768-6800800
After-sales Hotline:0768-6800900
24-hour Rescue Hotline:0768-6800900

Zhanjiang DCH FAW Toyota Junhua Store

Dealer Address:No. 38, Renmin Avenue North, Chikan District, Zhanjiang City, Guangdong Province
Sales Hotline:0759-3330888
After-sales Hotline:0759-3201333
24-hour Rescue Hotline:18927626120

Meizhou DCH FAW Toyota Shenye Store

Dealer Address:Shenye Automobile City, Meixian Airport, 206 National Highway, Triangle Town, Meijiang District, Meizhou City
Sales Hotline:0753-2119999
After-sales Hotline:0753-2119955
24-hour Rescue Hotline:0752-2119119

Shenzhen DCH FAW Volkswagen Audi Zengte Store

Dealer Address;Shenzhen DCH FAW Volkswagen Audi Zengte Store
Sales Hotline:0755-83809880
After-sales Hotline:0755-83808715
24-hour Rescue Hotline:0755-83805548

Shenzhen DCH Lexus Shenye Store

Dealer Address:No. 34, Xixiang Avenue, Bao'an District, Shenzhen, China (Intersection of Xixiang Avenue and Qianjin 2nd Road)
Sales Hotline:0755-23938888
After-sales Hotline:0755-23938888
24-hour Rescue Hotline:0755-88823666

Shenzhen DCH Lexus Chaofeng Store

Dealer Address:No. 73, Changjiangpu Road, Henggang Street, Longgang District, Shenzhen
Sales Hotline:0755-89523888
After-sales Hotline;0755-86523888
24-hour Rescue Hotline:0755-89523222

Shenzhen DCH dongfeng-Honda Shenye Store

Dealer Address:Intersection of Industrial West Road and Jianshe Road, Longhua District, Shenzhen
Sales Hotline:0755-281162222
After-sales Hotline:0755-89677778
24-hour Rescue Hotline:0755-88823666

Shenzhen DCH Guangqi Honda Shenye Store

Dealer Address: Jinhu Cultural Center, No. 1022, North Ring Road, Yinhu Community, Qingshuihe Street, Luohu District, Shenzhen, China
Sales Hotline:0755-25874001
After-sales Hotline:0755-2587997
24-hour Rescue Hotline:0755-88823666

Shenzhen DCH Guangqi Honda Xingye Store

Dealer Address:Intersection of 107 National Road and Nanpu Road, Shajing Town, Bao'an District, Shenzhen (next to Jingshun Oil Station)
Sales Hotline:01755-29878888
After-sales Hotline:0755-29878138
24-hour Rescue Hotline:0755-88823666

Shenzhen DCH Guangqi Toyota Shenye Store

Dealer Address:No. 104, Qianjin 2nd Road, Bao'an District, Shenzhen, China (east of Vienna Hotel)
Sales Hotline:0755-27936666
After-sales Hotline:0755-27936666
24-hour Rescue Hotline:0755-88823666

Shenzhen DCH FAW Toyota Shenye Store

Dealer Address:No. E02A, Jiajinlong Automobile City, Zhiheng Industrial Park, Hubin Middle Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen
Sales Hotline:0755-26710818
After-sales Hotline:0755-86028116
24-hour Rescue Hotline:0755-88823666

Shenzhen DCH FAW Toyota Xingye Store

Dealer Address:107 National Road, Xinqiao, Shajing Town, Baoan District, Shenzhen
Sales Hotline:0755-29072888
After-sales Hotline:0755-29073166
24-hour Rescue Hotline:0755-88823666

Shenzhen DCH FAW Toyota Longhua Store

Dealer Address:No. 28, Heping East Road, Longhua District, Shenzhen
Sales Hotline:0755-28122220
After-sales Hotline:0755-28159867
24-hour Rescue Hotline:0755-88823666

Ninghai DCH Mercedes Benz Ciji Star Store

Dealer AddressNo. 518, Yangmei Avenue North Road, Henghe Town, Cixi City, Zhejiang Province
Sales Hotline:0574-23718888
After-sales Hotline:0574-23715555
24-hour Rescue Hotline0574-23715555

Dongyang DCH FAW Toyota Express Store

Dealer Address:No. 55, World Trade Avenue, Dongyang City
Sales Hotline:0579-86978666
After-sales Hotline:0579-86110120
24-hour Rescue Hotline:18966010669

Jiangsu DCH Bentley Hebin Store

Dealer Address: No. 18, Runyu Road, Dongshan Street, Jiangning District, Nanjing, Jiangsu, China
Sales Hotline:025-83168318
After-sales Hotline:025-86981080
24-hour Rescue Hotline:13337815837

Dehong DCH FAW Toyota Lianya Store

Dealer Address:Huancheng South Road, Mangshi, Dehong Prefecture, Yunnan Province (200 meters to the left of Zhicheng Tea Factory)
Sales Hotline:15706921115
After-sales Hotline:15706921919
24-hour Rescue Hotline:15706921918

Lijiang DCH FAW Toyota Lianya Store

Dealer Address:Middle Section of Nankou Road, Yulong County, Lijiang City, Yunnan Province (next to Yuzhong County)
Sales Hotline:0888-8899777
After-sales Hotline:0888-8899111
24-hour Rescue Hotline:15308886018

Chuxiong DCH BUICK Hetong Store

Dealer Address:Chuxiong Yuzhong University Business Exchange No. 102
Sales Hotline:0878-3250555
After-sales Hotline:0878-3128566
24-hour Rescue Hotline:18808780078

Chuxiong DCH FAW Toyota Lianya Store

Dealer Address:Chuxiong Chengjiaba Yuzhong Automobile City Hall 7 (after logistics hotel)
Sales Hotline:0878-3243999
After-sales Hotline:0878-3245777
24-hour Rescue Hotline:13099833777

Qujing DCH Chevrolet Heli Store

Dealer Address:Intersection of Zhuhai Street, Ziyun Road, Qujing City
Sales Hotline:0874-3144111
After-sales Hotline:0874-3142000
24-hour Rescue Hotline:15287402123

Baoshan DCH FAW Toyota Luanya Store

Dealer Address:Transportation station in Baoshan City, Yunnan Province (next to the traffic driving school)
Sales Hotline:0875-2212222
After-sales Hotline:0875-2201111
24-hour Rescue Hotline:0875-2201111

Jieyang DCH Qingling Isuzu Heying Store

Dealer Addres:West of No.1 Road, Xinhe Village, Licheng District, Jieyang City, west of Xinhe Bogong Niu Road
Sales Hotline:0871-68329159、0871-68322263
After-sales Hotline:0871-68390100
24-hour Rescue Hotline:13888526267

Kunming DCH Chevrolet Heshun Store

Dealer Address;Next to the Southern District of Star Garden, New Asia Sports City, Kunming
Sales Hotline:0871-67283577
After-sales Hotline:0871-67331977
24-hour Rescue Hotline:18287118911